The Last Mile is Easy.

The Chowgule Baclift enables quick and easy loading of closed body vehicles. Now, your material is protected from the rain, sunlight, pollution... as well as from damages caused by loading and unloading by labour. 


With the Baclift, you do not need to depend on loading or unloading facilities for your truck. This applies to the point where the material is load, AND more importantly, the point where the material is unloaded. 

Now, the efficiency of your transport operations is dependant on how the vehicle is utilized. Nothing else!

Zero Damages

The Baclift enables mecahnized loading and unloading of materials that are palletized or placed on trolleys.

No need for labour. Just simple, smooth and easy operations! The entire work is simplified!

Our clients have reported that after using the Baclift, material damages have come to zero. That's right... Zero! 


One person is reponsible for loading, transporting and delivering. No one can pass the blame for delays in deliveries or damages to material.

There is one person responsible. There is one person to contact. 

That is real accountability! And that provides real transparency for transportation operations. 


Chowgule Baclift Specifications


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