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The Chowgule 360 Degree Truck Mounted Crane being used at the storage facility of a brick and block manufacturing organization. The crane is coupled with a mechanical grappler for quickly and securely handle brick bundles. 


By integrating a truck and a crane into a single unit, our clients have experienced a dramatic increase in operational efficiency.

They have been able to reduce their dependancy on scheduling different machines (often from different contractors). Now when a delivery has to be made, the truck comes and does the loading and unloading itself. No waiting for another crane or extra labour.

This streamlined material handling operation has enabled our clients to more than double the amount of material they transport and handle using the same resources. That's why they get higher returns! 



The Chowgule 360 Degree cranes have been designed to enable safe working practices in India.

From outriggers that provide stability during lifting operations to a 360 degree rotational facility that enables the operator to clearly see everything that he is handling - our machines have a tremendous safety record!

Furthermore, there are things that we deploy behind the scenes - from high tensile steel in the crane construction to accessories like a Safe Load Indicator. We test all our machines and every component we use rigorously. Because our clients safety is our responsibility. 


We stand by our quality and we assure that our machines will work efficiently even in the most demanding conditions.

In fact, many of our machines already operate in areas such as the deserts of Rajasthan, the humid tropical areas of Kerala and at minus 30 degree Celcius temperatures in Russia. That's reliability at work! 

With a team of highly qualified service personnel and spare part stockists across India, we can reach you even in the most remote locatations immediately. Furthermore, with regular service camps and operator training programs being conducted at different locations, the proper maintenance of our clients machines is ensured. 



Chowgule 360 Truck Mounted Cranes Models
CR-83 Load Chart.jpg
CR-123 Load Chart
CR-173 Load Chart
CR-175 Load Chart

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