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The Chowgule 360 Degree Tractor Crane can access the most demanding terrain and the most compact areas with ease. All lifting, erection and installation operations can now be performed efficiently. By attaching a trailer behind the tractor, the machine can also transport multiple loads to various points in inaccessible site conditions - or shall we say, places that USED to be inaccessible! 

Access Off-road

By using an integrated tractor crane machine, contractors can undertake jobs in the most demanding of site conditions. Now, it doesn't matter whether a road exists or not, or whether the ground condition is like a paddy field, swampy area or muddy. Just go there and get the work done!  

Access On-road

The beauty of doing business in India is that our clients often find new applications for our products. A popular application for which tractor cranes are used is for construction of multi-storey car park spaces. Contractors can now reduce their reliance on labour and do the work efficiently through a safe and productive mecahanized solution. This applies to all applications that need to be done in places where there are tremendous space constraints. 


A small and compact machine. But it can lift almost 3 tons of material at a time. It can carry a further 10 tons of material (on certified trailers). 360 degree continuous slewing facility. 4 outriggers for additional stability in challenging conditions. 60HP rating. International safety systems.

Take material. Go to the desired spot. Get the work done. No excuses! 



Chowgule 360 Tractor Crane Specifications
Chowgule 360 Tractor Cranes Rated Load Chart Comparison

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